heli™ Rechargeable Emergency and Sport Light and Power – Be Ready for Anything – Cutting-Edge Solar Technology – A/C and D/C Charging Capability

Independently Tested and Approved by Siemens AG.

Siemens AG Ranks as #35 on Forbes 2014 List of the World’s Most Valuable Brands

Stay Connected During Power Outages!            Never Be Left in the Dark with 6 Light Settings!

*Charges Cell Phones and SmartPhones           *High, Medium and Low Steady White

*Charges iPad, Tablets, and More                     *Night-Vision Steady Red

*Charges all USB-Compatible Devices              *Emergency Flashing Beacon in White and Red


Charging Station | Portable Light/Portable Power Device

Charging Electrical Devices

On a full charge the heli™2200 will charge:

  • iPhone 4/4S – 1.5 charges
  • iPhone 5/5S – 1.5 charges
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – 1 charge
  • BlackBerry – 3 charges
  • Sony PSP – 2 charges
  • Nintendo DS Lite – 2 charges
  • Nintendo DS – 2 charges
  • GoPro Hero 3 – 2 charges

*heli™4400, multiply charge times by 2

 LED Operational Times for heli™2200 and heli™4400

  • Blinking Red –  38/76 hours
  • Solid Red Night Vision –  17/34 hours
  • Blinking White – 40/80 hours
  • Solid White Low Power –  40/80 hours
  • Solid White Medium Power – 18/36 hours
  • Solid White High Power – 10/20 hours
K•Light Emergency Setting

Functionality – Provides Lighting While Charging USB Compatible Devices

Emergency Beacon:  Light Will Flash in Either Red or White for nearly 2 full days on a Single Charge so You Will Be Seen

Night Vision Steady Red:  Best for Preventing Night Blindness and Navigating in Total Darkness

Lantern:  With the Refractor Cap on You Can Light a Small Room and Still Read Comfortably on Low Power. It can be used as a lantern for 360° lighting. Hang it from the center of a room or tent. Place it on the center of a table or carry it for nighttime walking.

Work Light/Spotlight: Multi-Directional with 360˚ Locking Arms Allow You to Work Hands-Free.  It can be used as a work light/spotlight by removing the reflector cap. It’s handle and kickstand provides the ability for hands-free directional lighting.

Rechargeable Flashlight: It can be used as a flashlight by removing the reflector cap. It’s handle allows you to hold it where it is comfortable for you to use. It’s perfect for on-the-move lighting.

heli™2200 and heli™4400 | USB Power Supply Lantern | Work Light | Flashlight

Originally designed for daily, off-grid use in sub-Saharan Africa, this portable light/portable power device is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. Innovative, versatile and adaptable, with unmatched functionality, it transforms from a lantern to a flashlight or work light; an All-In-One, for camping, hiking, emergencies or wherever you need light and power. Its ability to be recharged via solar panel, AC charger, or DC (Car) charger make it the most versatile and portable source of light and power on the market today. The high capacity battery enables it to function as a portable power HUB, giving you the ability to charge your mobile devices and stay connected to the world whenever you find yourself off-grid. The power and durability ensures you are prepared for any situation.

Charge your heli™ with Solar Power:

Charge by connecting our 7W or 14W Monocrystalline Folding Solar Panels.

  • 2200 Battery Charge Time: 2-4 Hours of Optimal Sun Anywhere in the World
  • 4400 Battery Charge Time:  4-8 Hours of Optimal Sun Anywhere in the World

Charge your heli™ with its AC Adapter

Charge by a regular wall outlet.

  • 2200 Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
  • 4400 Battery Charge Time: 6 hours

Charge your heli™ with its DC Adapter

Charge in your car, truck, RV or commercial vehicle with our open-circuit 12-24V DC adapter.

  • 2200 Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
  • 4400 Battery Charge Time: 6 hours
Solar Panel Charging heliheli being charged by the AC (Wall) Chargerheli being charged by the DC (Car Charger)