K-Light Kits and Accessories

The K-Light Solar-powered Rechargeable Lantern is now available in five kits, each designed to fit a specific application or use. Each kit comes with a lantern and all appropriate accessories. The accessories are also available for purchase individually.

Wholesale pricing is available for qualified retailers, service groups, distributors and charities.  Please contact us for more information.

K-Light Products Available

K-Light Starter Kit
K-Light Solar Lantern
Starter Kit
K-Light Home & Office Kit K-Light Solar Lantern Home & Office
Car Roadside Kit
K-Light Solar Lantern Car Roadside Kit

Cell Phone Charging KitK-Light Solar Lantern Cell Phone Charging Kit
K-Light Emergency Kit K-Light Solar Lantern Emergency Kit
Charging Cable & AdaptersK-Light Cell Phone Charging Cable & Power Adapters

110V AC Charging Cable K-Light 110V AC Charging Cable
12V Car Charging CableK-Light 12v Car Charging Power Cable
1.5w and 2.7w Solar PanelsK-Light 1.5w and 2.7w Solar Panels